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Date City Venue Country
06/09/19 Nitra HIDE Park Slovakia
20/12/19 Prešov Stromoradie Slovakia

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Bio and latest post

Our history began sometime in the fall of 2012. We come from a relatively small town of Prešov, in a relatively small country of Slovakia, so we´re relatively humble, but somewhere deep inside, everyone of us wants to sell out and buy a roadster. Even though we’ve been a band for few years, we still consider ourselves young. We released one EP back in 2015 packed with alternative rock but we have not used our full potential until August 16, 2017 when we have released the debut album, full of rock anthems, industrial bangers, as well as, sexy pop songs, recorded in our 5×4 rehearsal room.Our mutual goal is to be idolised and iconized sometime in the future, just like motivation speakers or cat videos.